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You know some small pest control problems in Lexington are a do-it-yourself project. If you have an infestation, unfortunately, a can of bug killer will not take care of the problem.

If you have a serious pest problem, we will look after it.

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When you hire a professional pest control service with trained and seasoned staff, they’re not only inspecting your house, they can determine the pests and the channels they’re using to get to your residence.

Our pest control service in Lexington saves you time and money because we understand how to find and eliminate pest problems such as bed bugs, insects, rodents and many cases in only one service.  For other more serious infestations like termites, we provide a follow-up service to ensure the problem is solved.

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Our services include:

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Ticks Termite
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Pests can bring significant diseases. It’s so important that all pests are destroyed so they aren’t able to breed and multiply.

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How Pest Control Works in Lexington

Pest control or extermination in Lexington is the protocols or treatment of a species thought as a nuisance, a pest is any kind of wildlife or insect that changes in a negative way on human daily activities. The individual reaction is based on the effect of the damages done and will cover from tolerance, all the way through deterrence and handling, to activities to absolutely eradicate the pest. Pest elimination measures is generally performed within an combined pest management plan.

In residences, enterprises and metropolitan environments, the pest infestations are the rodents, species of birds, bugs together with other organisms that share the place with humans, as well as feed upon and ruin possessions. Control of these kinds of pest infestations is attempted by means of exclusion, repulsion, physical extraction or chemical like means.

How Much Exterminator Cost

For the Diy project guy or gal, you may well be likely to get away with a few cans of insecticide or other products from the nearest Lexington home improvement store to eliminate any pest issues. Although For the DIY person, you are usually able to get away with some cans of insecticide or other products from the nearby lowes to completely eliminate any pest issues. While there are several pest control supplies obtainable over the counter, it would be more practical to consult with a pest control pro to address your house routinely. The vast majority of over the counter products handle one single pest, while in contrast our bug elimination program is complete. Average extermination costs out there can vary from on the low end of $50 to $500 +/- with a regular pest removal of roughly between $125 and $250. Keep in mind, this denotes the normal level of infestation. Much more serious problems and large households raises fees. However, for more serious infestations or very large apartments, it is better to secure a quotation for certified pest management for a proper end cost. You could be surprised to find out the prices are more desirable as compared to not able to remove the unwanted pests. Once the infestation is taken care of, you may be advised to follow a monthly maintenance program to keep the pesky pests at bay. Monthly pest control programs costs typically are between $50 and $ 75. The reason for the reduced fee is because pest prevention is much less intensive than eradicating the initial infestation. All monthly services are guaranteed, so if there are problems in between treatments, we will re-treat at no additional cost. While bug elimination solutions offered off the shelf, it gets to be much better to outsource to a pest control pro to address your premises on a consistent basis. The majority of over-the-counter solutions treat one specific pest, on the other hand our pest management program in Lexington is all-encompassing.

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Common extermination prices in the market can range from on the low-cost end of $50 to $500 +/- with a normal pest treatment of about between $125 and $250. It goes without saying, this depicts the common level of infestation. Much larger issues and bigger houses increases price. Then again, for even more really serious infestations or gigantic residential properties, it is helpful to obtain a estimate for experienced pest control management for an appropriate price range. You might be pleased to discover the rates are considerably better as opposed to not able to eradicate the unwanted insects.

Once the infestation is handled, you may well be encouraged to comply with a month-to-month routine maintenance plan to continue to keep the pesky pest infestations at bay. Once per month pest management packages prices are commonly are between $50 and $75. The reason for the reduced fee is because pest controlling is going to be less extensive when compared with exterminating the original pest infestation. All regular products and services are guaranteed, so if you will discover problems in between treatment methods, we can easily re-treat at absolutely no extra cost.

How to Get Rid of Moths

Residential pest control services employ safe pesticides so that it won’t harm your family members and the immediate surroundings.

Squirrels are a nuisance. They get into the garbage and birdfeeders. They build nests in the most irritating spots of the garage, attic and eaves. The biggest nuisance of all is when they "swear" at you when you come and go from your own house.

There are several ways to discourage them:

  • Put a baffle or squirrel guard on bird feeder poles.
  • Make sure the bird feeders are at least squirrel-jumping distance away from all trees and perches.
  • Use metal garbage cans and bird feeders instead of plastic which they can chew through.
  • Use a spring loaded perch bird feeder set so it will not open with the weight of the squirrel.
  • Use live traps to move them to another area.
  • Use squirrel repellents such as chili powder, red peppers or cayenne sprinkled where you want them to stay away.
  • Put chicken wire over your flowerbeds (covered with a light dusting of dirt) to keep them from digging up your bulbs.
  • Find the holes where they're getting in and patch them up.

Speaking of entertainment... squirrel feeders are a fun way for the furry court jesters to work for their supper and "earn their keep".

  • Put ears of dried corn on the end of a squirrel spinner or arrow feeder and enjoy watching them try to eat it.
  • Put a corn cob on the end of a squirrel bungee.
  • Put nuts or seeds in a squirrel munch box where they need to open a lid to pull out food.
  • Extend a wire or cord from one tree to another so they have to tightrope-walk to get to the food.
  • There are also cute corn cob feeders made to look like little picnic tables or adirondack chairs.

As they say, if you can't beat them - join them. We discovered that feeding the squirrels not only kept them out of trouble, but entertained us as well. As an added bonus flying squirrels were visiting the feeders at night!

Pest Extermination Lexington

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Pests can bring considerable diseases. There are a great deal of unique kinds of bugs that humans try to control and conquer. There are several distinct kinds of pests that could plague your dwelling. It’s so important that all pests are destroyed so they cannot breed and multiply. Pest extermination is a superb method to stop and handle pests.

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Short Tailed Opossums As a New Pet

Regardless of what kind of pest you’ve got, it is better to get hold of a pest control company in Lexington when possible.

Usually, people use pesticides in order to get rid of pests quickly. The chemicals used for this purpose have a negative impact on the environment. They pollute the air, underground water and may even affect kids and pets as well. Therefore, many homeowners choose natural methods. Given below are some natural ways to get rid of them.

Boric acid

This natural mineral has been refined for use against pests. It is in the form of dust so you may not want to inhale it or your throat may get irritated. But the good thing is that it is easy to apply. Plus, it kills those tiny creatures almost instantly. You can spray or sprinkle it into the "homes" of the crawlers as bait.

Boric acid will work only if ingested by the insects. If used the right way, it will eliminate the entire population of ants, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish and bed bugs. Make sure your kids and pets stay away from boric acid.

Bats and owls

At times, the best way of getting rid of pests is to "hire" the services of other animals. For instance, bats love mosquitoes. As a matter of fact, one bat can eat thousands of them in one hour. In the same way, owls love mice and may rid you of mice in one night.

So, if you don't use to pesticides, you can take advantage of these natural methods to get rid of all the nasty creatures from your house. If, for one reason, these methods don't work for, you can always hire the services of a professional pest control service. Hope this helps.

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A little bug problem can quickly become a complete infestation in a brief quantity of time. Whether you have a particular problem with a specific sort of pest or you’re seeking to secure your house from all of these, you just need to discover the right company to work with as well as taking a few steps of precaution on your own. Eliminating pest naturally is safe for your loved ones, your pets and the surroundings.

Rodents: The Fire Hazard You Never Considered

The absolute most important reason for having pest control at your property is health.

Let's face it, once we step outside our home, we are surrounded by insects and other organisms. What we do about them depends largely on what they are doing to us -- especially in our garden, and to our lawn, flowers or trees. Generally, trying to eliminate most pesky pests is an almost impossible situation. However, there are plans available to help you to deal with the problem while keeping people, pets and the environment safe.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is such a plan. What makes this worth pursuing is the fact that it is based on common-sense, economical means of containing the pests while keeping the safety of people, property and the environment in mind. IPM begins at the beginning -- the threat, and works through to containment and/or elimination. There are basically four steps to the IPM Plan:

Talk with the Master Gardener at your County Extension Office and get his/her recommendations as to your best choice. If these don't work, move on to the next level which would be "targeted" spraying of a pesticide. The last level and highest level would be a broadcast spraying of a non-specific pesticide.

NOTE: Choose a pesticide that is produced from natural sources rather than those using synthetic chemicals. Only by identifying the pest can you be sure to use the correct pesticide.

As you can see, even in Step 4, there are levels of control going from effective but less risky to the broadcast spraying. By following the IPM plan you reduce or eliminate exposure to dangerous, synthetic pesticides to yourself, your family, pets and the environment.

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